Corrupting the Innocent

When she’d asked to shoot again with us, we thought a D/s dynamic would be a good theme for Ladi Vermin and asked her who she’d like to have as her sub for the shoot.   She didn’t hesitate a second before saying ‘Black Widow’.
We’d been thinking about portraying a Mistress corrupting a young innocent girl for a while.  This pair looked like a perfect fit.

For once we had the weather with us so after Black Widow had spent some time with hair and make-up getting an even more fresh and innocent look than usual, we were out into the garden.Th  GPE1506-1154
Would it be ungallant of us to say that Black Widow’s acting skills were put to the test?
Of course no acting skills whatsoever were needed on Ladi vermin’s part.  When it comes to corrupting the innocent and bending them to her will, She’s got it nailed.
It was fun working with these two and we really didn’t mind that Black widow seemed to get awfully corrupted awfully quickly, although it did cause us a problem at one point.
We had called a five minute break while we changed the setup, when it came time to start shooting again our two heroines were nowhere to be found.
It wasn’t until we checked around the side of the studio that we found of them.
They said they were just rehearsing for the next scene, but we’re not so sure. Judge for yourselves  😉

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