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We’d been discussing a location shoot with Pixenstein all through the summer, but trivia like her moving to another county, and working for a living had stopped it happening.  Now, at last she was available.  We did mention that it was now November, and the shoot in a moorland stream that we had been discussing might be a little unwise in cold, rainy November, but her response every time was “I’m well insulated, it will be fine”.
There was really only one or two shots I was planning to get, which meant it should be a relatively quick shoot,  we decided to go ahead.

So on a cold November morning Pix and Krixis, with the able assistance of sherpa PartWookie, were trudging up a steep moor side clough and watching the sun disappear behind the hill, not to be seen again that day. A mile of steep, slippy, wet, muddy and downright dangerous walking later, we reached the small falls between vertical crag walls, that would be our studio for the couple of hours of remaining light.
Our original plan was for straight art nude work, but really, what’s the point of shooting a serious kinkster like Pix, if you’re not going to kink it up at least a little.  So to naked Pix, we’d add rope.
I think Pix got her first inkling that her ‘well insulated’ bravado might have been just a tad unwise when she pulled off her boots and stood bare-footed for the first time on the very cold and very rough gritstone, but all credit to her, she kept up the brave face all through the tying, despite the fact that even the warmest heavy coat can do only so much to protect from the cold when the rigger needs access to skin.
The brave face finally cracked when it got to the part when I said, “now get in the water.” To be fair, I didn’t say that until after the last of the frost and ice had disappeared, but she really didn’t seem to appreciate that.  To put it politely, her language was ‘colourful’.
But she did it 🙂
Now it was a race against time, with dropping light, and hue – once skin is entirely blue, it doesn’t look so good 😉
Just to make things a little more interesting, I wanted to use long exposures to blur the moving water and all credit to Pix, when I called ‘perfectly still’ she delivered (though I think the ice cold water flowing over her helped her hold her breath) and she even managed to tone down the shivering 😉
Kudos to Pixenstein,  she delivered everything I asked of her without complaint (if you ignore the profanity) and we got the picture I wanted.
When I called a ‘wrap’, it was another race.  To get Pix out of the water, dry, unwrapped, clothed and full of hot coffee before hypothermia set in.

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