Cat on a Quad

Our shoot with capricious cat has been on the cards for months if not years but we never seemed to be able to get our diaries together so we were delighted when at last we had the opportunity to bring her in.  We wanted to shoot her for our nude portrait project and she wanted some pictures with her gorgeous fur tail and other fun accessories and some rope shots.

The project went quickly.  Despite her protestations that she was new to all this and very nervous, capricious cat gave the performance of a professional with no sign of the nerves she claimed and the sort of presence in the studio we love to work with.
The project work went very quickly and as we worked we discussed how we would go about the second half of the shoot to show off her accessories. It quickly became apparent that what had begun as a few shots showing off their tail was going to become something considerably more.
When we collected her from the station she had been telling us that she was looking forward to her new Second job working on a farm and the most exciting part of that was that she had been promised that she would have a quad bike to get around. Something she had never tried before.
So when, while we were chatting on the balcony, our farmer neighbour came by on his quad bike the next move was a no-brainer.
A Quick chat with a friendly farmer and we had a quad bike to play with. It was a small jump from there to turn an accessory shoot into something drawing upon mad Max and as we discussed it we could see the light in her eyes get brighter and brighter she loved the idea.
Of course nothing ever goes quite as planned.  We had been shooting through the morning on the project work with a clear sky and hot sun just outside the window.  We broke for a quick lunch and then got her kitted out for the mad Max set, but by the time we got out onto the quad bike the sun was gone and heavy clouds were coming over.
We struggled with the light and managed to get some of the shots we wanted when rain started to threaten we called it a day and moved back into studio.
of course, at that point the clouds cleared and the sun came out again.
We had planned a location shoot in the evening but it was becoming obvious that Sue was tired so  the promise of tying her to a tree over a stream is going to have to wait for the next shoot.

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