Quest Fembot Army Shock Horror

Following reports of disgraceful levels of abuse of staff at Leeds’ flagship fetish event, Euphoria, our fearless reporter penetrated security at the brand new purpose built venue, Club Quest. What he discovered there shocked even that hardened reporter.

It came to light that club owners Dave and Jo have created an army of clones with no other purpose than to serve Dave and his club clientele.  Our reporter was able to covertly photograph Dave in the club surrounded by some of these wanton sex slaves who were clearly working under the harshest of regimes and suffering great distress.  

Our reported witnessed savage physical restraint, beatings left and right, torture with hot wax and knives and countless acts of sexual depravity. Under cover of taking promotional pictures for the club our photographer was able to capture club owner Dave flanked by his ruthless enforcers who are feared throughout the fetish community for their acts of depravity and savage violence.

Our photographer also managed to capture pictures of “The Boss” at his ease in his hot tub smoking cigars and drinking champagne while being served – or should that be serviced, by some of his downtrodden staff.

In pursuit of all the facts, our reporter was able to conduct sneak interviews with two members of Dave’s ‘fembot army’. Staff members Afreyadknot and Sensual-Deviant confirmed that conditions in the club were shocking, physical and sexual abuse was rife and club patrons thought nothing of inflicting humiliating and degrading indignities on staff and other club goers alike.

Our reporter was however confused when all of this was said with broad grins on the staff member’s faces and they added that they had petitioned Dave for more of the same. We are trying to confirm further details of this shocking story, but it appears that both the reporter and photographer sent into the club have for some reason refused to leave …

=============================== Ok, the truth is, It’s Dave’s birthday and Jo wanted to celebrate with some pictures. Freya agree that by way of thanks for providing such a great venue for her ‘Euphoria’ fetish event, and it’s Sister event Delirium, we should give him a shoot to remember. Happy Birthday Dave

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