Beauty Not Killed

When Beauty Killer (Kai) contacted us asking to shoot with us we were as always, happy to chat about what she wanted from a shoot.  It was quickly obvious that as this would be her first ever shoot, she wasn’t sure what she wanted, from the shoot other that the experience of the shoot itself.  We get that a lot and that’s something that delights us.

We’ve shot with loads of kinksters from the local scene as well as models from all over the country, and they tell their friends how much fun they had on the shoot while they show the pictures that they love, so we get lots of word of mouth referrals and we love that.

After we’d chatted for a while it became clear that a Dom/sub shoot was called for and after more discussion and messages back and forth, it turned out her Dom, MasterofCards could take time off work to take part in the shoot.

Shooting a sub with their Dom is something else we love.

We prefer to shoot with people that are comfortable nude and that’s always one of the first things we tell prospective models.  Kai was fine with that, but MasterofCards not so much.  But that was fine.  Nudity is a much smaller element for the Dom role and we usually ask Doms to be booted and suited, bring heavy macho gear or their best leather and latex.

As usual the shoot started with some classic nude work with Kai because we like to see how new models move for the camera, then we handed Kai over to MasterofCards and stood back, camera ready.

We were about a quarter of the way into the shoot when something else that delights us happened.  It’s something we’ve seen many times when models bring a Dom or friend to the shoot.  MasterofCards said he’d changed his mind and after watching the confidence boost and fun that Kai was having shooting nude, he’d be happy to shoot nude too.

We don’t have to be told twice.  We added an extra set to the D/s shoot, then gave them a break while we turned the studio around to shoot them for our Public/Private project.

One more thing that always delights us, and something we hear all the time.  As they were dressing and getting their gear together to leave, they were already talking excitedly about coming back for another shoot.

We’re sure that will happen 🙂

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