Beauty Killer – the fetish pictures

We’ve shot BK as sub serving a Dom a couple of times, but when she moved on, increasingly switchy BK asked for a solo fetish shoot showing her off as both sub and Dom.
We’re used to seeing a naked and helpless BK ready to serve, but ‘Mistress BK’ caught out imagination immediately.  There have been whispers around the club about a newly emerged sadistic Dom.  We couldn’t wait to meet her.

The plan was to shoot a restrained sub, then puppy BK and finish with Mistress BK.
Apparently a friend had just bought her a harness for her Doxy, so the first set was a no brainer.
It’s such a shame we are always professional with our shoots, when we heard “no turn it down, turn it down” we were so tempted to say “No”,  “turn it down” is not a safe word …
But sadly it was a shoot not a scene, so we couldn’t give way to temptation  😔
A few shots of Puppy BK came next, and BK makes a very cute puppy.  We couldn’t resist a few tricks. She did ‘roll over’ particularly well.
Then it was on to Mistress BK.  We predict a long line of subs craving to crawl at her feet.
Then we realised we had a first.
For the first time not only had we shot all the way through our planned shot list, but we’d done it with time to spare.
When we told BK we had time for one last set and asked if she had a preference, the answer wasn’t in the least surprising – rope restraint.

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  1. Giovanni
    March 22, 2018 at 21:30 — Reply

    Well done!

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