Beauty and Val in the Studio

We’d shot with these guys a few weeks ago and agreed then that there was loads of stuff left to do.
Beauty was in need of some rope, Val wanted some pictures with her coat and cape, there’s never too many D/s couple shots and Val told me they were really hoping to get some pictures with StoneFaceDom.

We started with Val solo in her cape getting some nice straight portraits, but when you’ve got Val stood in front of the camera it’s only a matter of time until a naked Beauty appears and wraps around her.
It was around then that the ‘C’ word was mentioned.
Now anyone that know’s us know’s how Krixis feels about the ‘C’ word, but suddenly there was festive wardrobe and tinsel everywhere.
If nothing else Krixis knows when he’s on a loser, so in due course he gave in and found himself photographing a cheeky C******** elf complete with unmentionable accessories, all the while muttering something about a humbug.
They didn’t get it all their own way though, when pointing out our name Krixis produced a nice big dildo   : ))
After all that disgraceful frivolity it was back to sanity and some nice quiet rope (it was C******** red!)
Krixis did the ropy thing and we soon had Beauty crucified (yes we know that’s Easter not C********, but we didn’t have a manger to tie her to)
It was a dastardly plot!
One the rope was finished Val and Kneelix descended on it with tinsel and fairly lights and suddenly it was C******** again.
Some judiciously placed decorations made the whole thing Facebook legal and pictures were taken.
After all that shamefully nilla festivity Krixis needed something to lift his grumpy mood and a dose of naked Beauty cavorting with a cane was just what was called for.
It was around then that StoneFaceDom turned up.
He said he knew just what to do with Beauty, but you know how it is when you’ve got two Doms and only one sub.
It was touch and go for a couple of minutes, but they got their act together and the only blows that landed were on Beauty’s arse.

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