Ankrah and her Rope

So if you you were presented with a gorgeous 20 year old woman with a thing for rope, what would you do?
We got her naked, tied her up and took pictures  😉

We’ve seen quite a bit of Ankrah lately at social events and we’d shot with her a couple of times in the last few weeks, but a chance to work with her again wasn’t something we were going to pass-up and the opportunity to extend that for more than one day was a no-brainer.
When the previous occupants had a little problem with the police over their cannabis farm, a friend of ours took over the first floor of an old weaving shed to turn it into a studio.  Right now its just a big, rather grubby empty space.
All it needed was a beautiful woman, naked, oiled and roped and we had ourselves our first set.
Anyone that knows Ankrah knows she’s got a thing for rope.  A BIG thing for rope,  and the more challenging, physically and mentally, the better.
We fully intended to feed those needs, but not all at once, so we started with some nice gentle(ish) rope.  But first, makeup.
Rolling her in the dirt after oiling her skin gives great visuals but more to the point, it’s a lot of fun  😉 so it was a rather grubby, slippery Ankrah that we were working with, so slippery in fact that in the end we had to tie her to a pillar to keep her in one place.
That’s our story and we’re sticking to it.
The drive back to the studio was quite interesting.  Well would you let a filthy oily model sit on your nice clean car seats?  We put her in the load space.   Now before the health and safety lobby get their bits in aa twist, she was perfectly safe.  We wouldn’t have dreamed of letting her just role around in the back.  Our car has got luggage anchors and we’ve got lots of rope. 🙂
Back at the studio Ankrah’s idea of a relaxing evening is to be bound tight in lots of rope, or every now and again, to tie someone else up.  Who were we to deny her, and of course we got some pictures along the way.
Our morning shoot fell through at the last minute when she was taken ill at the location, and to add insult to injury, we missed a great picture of the location’s usual resident, a fabulous looking Barn Owl, as it took it’s leave just six feet from us.
With the morning lost we got back to the studio with Ankrah feeling well enough to have a little lunch.
When she suggested a less strenuous shoot for a change,  we offered her a nice rest on our garden swing seat.
Then we got a little creative and Ankrah found herself in a bit of a predicament.  Just the sort of predicament she loves.  Cue the cameras.

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