Ankrah and Dia

It’s been ages since Ankrah came to shoot with us, so when we got a message saying “any chance you could shoot me and Dia next Tuesday?” we were delighted that our diary was open and we could say Yes.

They had definite ideas about what they wanted to shoot, Dia tying Ankrah, but with a colourful twist.  They wanted to include flowers in the tie and to use food dyes on Ankrah’s skin.“Oh and we really want some pictures of Dia spitting the dye over me”.
Uuh – ok – that’s the plan then.

And so it was.To be honest when we heard coloured dyes, we were thinking patterns, lines and shapes, but that wasn’t what they were thinking.Finger painting for adults came to mind when they got into it – or maybe just sploshing!
Then with The two of them, not to mention the studio, covered in dye and flowers, it was some hot shower pictures while they got clean.
Well whatever it was, between rope, chocolate torture, and good clean filthy behaviour, it was definitely fun. We got a cherry too. OhDia’s first time rigging naked. – Just for the record, we think she should never do it any other way ; )

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