An Evening in the Woods with Phoenix

Phoenix lives for rope, she loves wax and she enjoys being in front of a camera and we’re her dealer for all of those, so it’s not surprising that we see a lot of her.  Careful going into the studio, you might trip over Phoenix  😉

Not that we are complaining you understand, after all she spends a lot of her time with us naked and she is very, very decorative.
So it wasn’t unusual for her to drop in towards the end of the afternoon.
It was still quite warm and there was still an hour or two of light left, so we decided on a quick trip to one of our favourite woods.
We wanted to do some classic nude, then if we had time, get a little rope in, but we knew we were going to be racing the dusk.
When you go on location you are always looking for the the right space.  Somewhere with the potential to give you a series of shots without the need to break-down and set-up the gear in between.
That evening it was a rather impressive tree, but frustratingly, the curves that made it visually appealing were all just at the wrong angle so that Phoenix couldn’t use them in her poses.  It happens sometimes, so with light falling fast, we gave up on the classic nude work and reached for the rope.
Just time for one tie.  if we were quick.
With a tremendous horizontal limb  right there, there could only be one tie, so after a little judicious gardening and some swift rope, Phoenix found herself airborne.

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