An Audience with the Lady

Anyone that knows Lady Sea will know what we mean when we say she is a ‘force of nature’.  She’s a big lady with an even bigger character and a huge personality, so we were looking forward to working with her with perhaps just a little trepidation.  We try to make our models larger than life in their pictures, how would we fair with someone that was already larger than life?

She came in to contribute to our nude portrait project, so the shoot started on familiar ground but it had more flare and fun than most of our project shoots.
Lady Sea makes leather fetish gear and wanted to feature some of her work in her pictures so the next set saw her festooned in leather and looking for all the world like a tribal queen from a Hollywood film.
From regal poise and elegance our next set took us to the opposite end of the spectrum as a half-crazed dystopian warrior.
 Th  GPE1402-1390That was when we got to have fun chaining her up and subjecting her to the dreaded biscuit torture

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