About GP Erotica

GP Erotica is published by an independent UK photography house to showcase their erotic and fetish photography.

It is not intended as a ‘porn’ site, but it is 18+ and doesn’t care whether it offends someone that has ignored the warnings.

If you don’t like it, leave.

In addition to the classic nude reinterpreted with an erotic edge, you will find images here that are drawn from alternative cultures and lifestyles including the fetish world, alternative fashion and fantasy.

All of the work on this site has been created to provoke thought and in some cases, arousal.  Not for any commercial purpose.

It is presented here in the hope it will be perceived as art rather than pornography, but that of course is in the mind of the beholder.

Most of what you will find on this site originated in personal projects, but we do undertake commissioned work and would be happy to discuss ideas with you.

Whether you would like to model for us, commission us, just chat or ask a question, you can contact us here.

Sadly the veneer of civilized society is very thin, and the tendency of the  pack to turn on any member that is too different is all too frequently seen in harassment of those preferring an alternative lifestyle, especially as the Politically Correct Thought Police seem to consider those that take sex out of the bedroom, undeserving of the consideration or protection given to other minorities.

Because of this, and the power of Google, individuals featured on this site will not be identified with their real name.

That said, all the individuals featured on this site have provided their real name and, where there could be any doubt, proof of age.

GP Erotica does not work with minors and no minors are featured on this site.

All images are copyright GP Erotica
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