A Quiet Walk – and then The Police Came …

Just like every other pet owner Fire Hobbit likes to get in a brisk walk around the reservoir with his prized pet when he gets the chance, but Phoenix Rises is a cut, no make that a whole world above the usual man’s best friend 😉

A brisk walk was the first of our planned sets, to warm us up before the more serious sets, which were to be Phoenix roped and suspended from a tree at the waters edge followed by a water predicament managed by FH.
We never got that far.

We couldn’t resist some great looking dark clouds and mist over the far end of the reservoir and broke away from the plan to shoot some figure work.

It was lucky we did, otherwise when the Queens constabulary arrived, they could have found us hanging a naked woman from a tree, or worse yet, apparently trying to drown her.  As it was, they arrived to find Phoenix posing on the reservoir wall.  Nude of course, but not apparently subject to any threat from the two guys with her.

They told us a passing dog walker had  seen “a naked red-head giving a bald guy a blow-job” and phoned in a complaint.

The least-fuss solution was to show them the pictures we’d been taking, using the screen on the back of the cameras, and they quickly realised that the dog-walker’s imagination had been far dirtier than our photos, and went off to write up their report, but not before ‘suggesting’ that public nudity was inappropriate there and we ‘might’ want to pack-up and move on.

I wouldn’t swear to it, but as Phoenix pulled on her clothes and wrapped up against the chill, I’m sure I saw her smile …


  1. Qwoins_calamity
    September 27, 2014 at 16:23 — Reply

    love it . great photos .

    1. Krixis
      October 12, 2014 at 23:03 — Reply

      Thank you Q’s C

  2. Firehobbit
    February 10, 2016 at 13:52 — Reply

    That was a fun morning. .. Even once the police came.

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