A Night Out With Tori

We seem to be fated not to do a shoot as planned with Tori.  The first time the planned two and a half days of shooting was curtailed to a mere 24 hours when a family issue forced her to leave early for the long drive back to Devon.
This time she hadn’t even arrived before a problem cropped up, but professional that she is, she was determined to get here and managed to resolve the problem in time for a late night arrival.
The first that we knew that the shoot wasn’t a total write-off was when we got a text message well into the nigh.
“I’ll be there in about an hour, and I’m gagging for wine and a flogging”
Well she is a fetish model  😉

We had planned a late night urban location shoot  to follow our first studio session, so the day wouldn’t be a total loss and we even managing, at Tori’s request,  to get into a local fetish event to deal with her need for a flogging, while we waited for the streets to clear.
A rather vocal and very naked Tori manacled to a St Andrews cross being flogged proved to be very popular with the other kinksters at the event.  Who’d a thought  😉
Eventually, well after midnight, with her energy levels topped up courtesy of a KFC, we hit the streets.
First up was a bus stop.
I’m still kicking myself for missing the shot as a bus past without the driver noticing a naked Tori sat there, but I did get the shot I’d planned, so it was a good start.
The bus driver might not have noticed her, but there were plenty that did, and the cars and trucks slowing then driving around to come past again with guy’s hanging out of the window set the pattern for the rest of the night.
Fortunately when we were shooting her in a phone booth, the passing police car had somewhere else to be in a hurry.  Not so the fur guys in the mondeo.  Once back in the car it took us quite a while and a large housing estate to shake them off our tail.
A steel globe in the middle of a roundabout.  Presumably someone’s idea of street art, was next.
There Tori’s performance was much appreciated by the drivers of B&Q lorries coming and going from their warehouse.
The quiet country road was easy, but not so the small town Christmas tree where the take-away staff were cleaning up and interested in what we were doing.
We decided to come back to that one.
A drive out to an undisturbed shoot in a pedestrian bridge gave the take away time to finish and leave so at around 02:30 we got our Christmas tree shot.  That was a wrap.
We’d planned to shoot Tori with another model the next morning, but we’d already cancelled that.  When she surprised us by arriving, we had the morning free so we decided to pay a call on a fellow photographer that had been wanting to shoot with Tori.
This guy gives a new meaning to home studio, with his dining room converted into a barn with some pretty neat woodworking.
Add to that a couple of wardrobes of vintage clothing and we had a fun shoot.  Thanks Paul.
Tori had to be away at lunchtime so this shoot was even shorter than the last, but we’ll do it again and next time it’s all going to go to plan …


  1. Harry Cribbes
    December 2, 2017 at 11:45 — Reply

    Fabulous set of images x

    1. Krixis
      December 2, 2017 at 18:07 — Reply

      Thank you, it was fun getting them too.

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