A Morning at the Reservoir

7 of 9 had stayed over after the previous night’s shoot planning to get out early to try to get a jump on the dog-walkers and joggers.
Very poor early morning  weather put paid to that plan, but we did get out eventually, but now knowing we’d be playing dodge the walker throughout the shoot.

We wanted to get some natural nudes and then to get into rope, culminating in a suspension at the water’s edge, but it was quickly apparent that tying 7 naked to anything immovable was a recipe for a complaint from Mrs Outraged, or worse, an outraged phone call that would bring Her Majesty’s constabulary.

It was equally apparent that we would have to stay on the move if we were to get anything.  Guerrilla shoots can be fun, but there’s always the risk that the returns just don’t pay for the time and effort.

Our first sets were walking nudes, and we managed to get those, but then had to become a little less easy to see from the road, so next came our washed-up body.  I was so tempted to have 7 layed half in the water, but I knew that with the brisk cool wind, once cold and wet, I’d have very little chance of getting any rope work in.

As it was, with no chance of a waterside tie or suspension whee we wanted to do it, which unfortunately was right beside the walkers route, we settled upon a simple body tie and making the most of the great 19th century civil engineering.

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