A Midsummer Night’s Dream

In a world exclusive we can reveal that Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream was censored by the Victorian nanny establishment that attempted to destroy every copy of Shakespeare’s original work.  In modern times the original would have been rated ’18’.

The version we learn in school is actually the ‘PG’ version, but in the original version:
– Oberon and Titania are in a lesbian relationship with Oberon being very much a Queen not a King.
– Bottom is a woman.
– Puck is obeying orders when he transforms Bottom into a half horse half woman because Oberon knows that’s what Titania is into.
– The ‘love potion’ is placed not on the eyes, but on the lips. No not those lips, ‘those’ lips and is in fact not a love potion but Lube.
– Before leaving her to be used by Bottom, Oberon uses Titania as a sex slave.
– Rather than a queen instructing her court to entertain her lover, Titania is a royal slut begging to be used and trampled by her half woman half beast Dom.
– The young couple Hermia and Lysander, forbidden to marry by her father are not eloping, but go to the woods to enjoy group sex with their friends Demetrius and Helena and are joined in wild kinkyfuckery by Puck and the fairies.
Unsurprisingly, all references to the original version have been quietly sidelined by our own nanny establishment, but our intrepid reporter learned of a small but adventurous band of players that planned a performance of the play in its original form for an exclusive audience.
Not only did she gain entry to the play but she even managed to take pictures of some key scenes.  Pictures that we publish here in a world exclusive.
Sadly our reporter was unable to get pictures of the group sex scene with Hermia, Helena, Lysander, Demetrius, Puck and the fairies.  And she narrowly avoided being ejected from the theatre when trying to photograph the live sex show performed by Flute and the rest of the artisans at Theseus’ wedding.
All credit to our intrepid reporter. who of course must remain anonymous and to those adventurous players that have risked much to defy the establishment and return Shakespeare’s masterpiece comedy to us in its original uncensored form.
Our pictures show the female Oberon lubing the sleeping Titania prior to shagging her in her sleep then using her as a sex slave as Shakespeare intended it to be seen.  Then in perhaps an even more shocking scene, they show that far from entertaining the Ass-Bottom with her courtiers as the Victorian version would have us believe, Titania submits to Bottom to be used in bestial lesbian sex.
The members of the cast featured in our pictures are:
Oberon/Bottom ………… Afreyadknot.
Titania …………………… kyraliegh

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