A Dark Desire

We’ve worked with a lot of fetishists, varying from the mildest of kinksters to the seriously hard-core.
When we started planning our shoot with Dark Desire, it quickly became obvious that she tended towards the latter.

She asked us to recreate her dark fantasy of abduction and abuse.  We knew immediately that his shoot was going to test Kneelixe’s skill in turning Dark Desire from fresh-faced beauty to bruised, haggard and haunted.

With our nude portrait project work done we started in on her fantasy with a visit back to the makeup chair to ‘get beaten up’, then back into the studio to be roped to a rough wood pallet where we were delighted with her acting skills delivering very convincing fear for the camera.

Next came the interrogation chair and why use rope again when steel wire is even more secure and bites much deeper 😉

Now we have to admit it’s not often we stick a sack over the model’s head before we shoot the picture, but hey, if it works …

Makeup and setting up had robbed us of more time than we liked, so it wasn’t surprising that when we had to end the shoot there was still a list of stuff we wanted to do and to that Dark Desire added a request for an even heavier theme, so we’re looking forward to at least one more shoot with her and we’ve no doubt that will be a very demanding and challenging event for all concerned.

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