A Fairy in the Garden

We’d been wanting to shoot with Dark Fairy for a while, so we were delighted when a chance meeting at a rope workshop gained us a visit from her to our studio to shoot her current passion, self suspension.

Of course, self suspension is pretty demanding, so the plan included some ground work too, to make the most of her visit.

When you bring together a fun, slightly whacky personality, a gorgeous naked figure and considerable skill with rope, you’ve got a pretty hot shoot and that’s exactly what we had.

We went straight into the suspensions allowing her to work as unhindered by direction as possible, but flitting around to capture the amazing graceful moves and curves she was giving us.

After an hour or so, and with some pretty formidable bruising coming out on her hips, we wrapped the suspensions.

It was a glorious sunny day, so grass, sunshine and rope seemed to be a good idea and we headed into the garden, where with guidance from Mistress Button Dark Fairy demonstrated that she can be just as elegant on the ground as in the air.

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