A Decadent Day

When we were discussing a shoot with Days of Decadence, she told us there were some optional extra’s she could bring along.  Two three foot corn snakes.  She also mentioned, she had a hot guy that she’d love to bring along.  If she could persuade him.
As far as we were concerned, both were a must. So it was that she arrived on the day complete with Severus, Belladona and Humbert.

Now we’re not exactly sure what she had told Humbert about the shoot but when in the briefing we said we’d be  starting with the nude portraits, there was a definite hesitation, of all of 10 seconds, then the smile came and he was in.
We love it when we get a couple in for the project that are really into each other and show it for the camera, and we got some great stuff for the project.
Then Humbert took a step back and it was time to bring on Sevarus and Belladonna.  The journey here in a cool car had obviously slowed them down when thy arrived, but an hour in a warm dressing room had changed all that and they weren’t going to keep still for the camera or anyone else.  Humbert was roped in as snake wrangler, but even with his help positioning and repositioning the deceptively speedy pair,  we couldn’t quite get the shot we were trying for.  But we had fun trying.
Eventually we had to give in to the demands of the two stars and they returned to ‘their trailer’ to recover from the stress and it was time for a nattily dressed Humbert to take his proper role as Dom to DoD, and once again they gave us some great pictures.

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