A Cold Wet Bex

We’d been talking to Bex about making some nudes in the landscape images, but when our reccie the day before revealed that our planned location was a non-starter (unless we spent several hours clearing brush without being turfed out as trespassers ) we had to fall back on plan B.
Plan B was a walk or more accurately a scramble up the side of Bleaklow moor to shoot her in front of a small waterfall.  Now this wasn’t a flawless plan.  In fact there were three big flaws.

  1. That scramble would have to be done carrying cameras and flash gubbins as well as all the kit needed for the model.
  2. We weren’t enjoying one of those lovely warm Indian summer Septembers.  It was cold, and the water would be a lot colder.  So the kit for the model would have to include towels, spare warm clothes and a big flask of hot drink as well as the usual hair and makeup kit.
  3. Where we would be shooting would be in heavy shade while the hillsides above were brightly sunlit.  Never a good mix for pictures.

Bex solved some of those problems effortlessly (at least for her) by bringing along her partner Ben, who prides himself on being very fit and able to carry large loads. : ) So we were able to get to the location without mishap or exhaustion.  
That just left the little matter of dunking a naked women in a very cold waterfall pool. Bex knew that we’ve shot this type of picture in winter with ice on the ground and she was determined not to be bested by that model, so in she went and we started work. And work we she did, fighting the cold and only coming out to warm up when she was shivering too violently for the slow exposures (very deep shade remember) or her blue skin started to mess with colour correction.
Even so we had to work fast. In the end it wasn’t the cold that stopped us getting the shots we wanted, it was the deceptively strong force of water at the bottom of the fall.  Poor Bex, shivering, just couldn’t stand and hit her pose under the force of water falling on and around her.
We made some other images though, see what you think-

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