7 of 9 down on the Farm

It’s ages since we’ve worked with Phoenix7of9 so we were delighted when she contacted us for a shoot, not just because we love working with her, but because her timing was great.  We seem to be fast running out of those warm summer days that Britain enjoys so many of … and we still needed some more shots for this year’s farm calendar project.
She was happy to shoot for the calendar and of course we couldn’t bring 7 of 9 in to shoot without tying her up, so rope was on the menu too.

We’d just arrived in the farm yard when the farmer came in.  He said he had a friend coming to collect the vintage tractor that they’d been storing for him, and it would be really good to get a picture of it to surprise him with.
We’re told he was very pleased with the picture of ‘his tractor’  😉
It’s that time of year again and down on the farm the grain store is filling up fast and as we walked past 7 of 9 wondered aloud what it would be like to ‘just dive in’.
Who are we to get in the way of her education.
So in she went.
And what did she learn about swimming in grain?
Like some other models we always love to work with, 7 of 9 is not averse to getting a little adventurous in her shoots, and we promised her something a little different in the shoot.
So we didn’t spend all our time on the farm.
It turns out she’d never been tied to train tracks before.
Ok – it wasn’t exactly the East Coast Express line, actually more a private spur, but when we suggested how cool it would be to wait for the next blue moon when there might be a train and we could shoot it bearing down on her, for some reason she didn’t seem keen 😉

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