Fetish Portraits

Fetish Portraits –  Portraits with a taste of the fetish world, or perhaps, screaming out ‘Kink’  Whether mild, strong, erotic or even explicit.  It is still about the subject.

Any portrait photographer will tell you their subjects are always concerned, and sometimes consumed about the image they will project in their portrait.  Are they wearing the right clothes, is their hair and make-up just right or too much?  Does the background give the right impression?

Almost always, the sitter wants the viewer to see something more than they are, they want the viewer to see the image of themselves that they aspire to, not the person they really are.

In the kink world it’s no different, but in the kink world it is more honest.  There is no subtlety, no attempt at discrete self promotion, or suggestion that the subject is something more than they really are.

In the kink world the subject wants to shout about what they want to be.  No subtlty, no deception and while glamour is just as popular in the kink world, all be it often a different form of glamour, many in the kink world want to show it as hard and gritty as possible, creating a sort of negative glamour where dirt, destruction and despondency are to be admired.

We make no claim to understand.  We just present for the viewer to make their on judgement.

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